TP-LINK WN725 Driver

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I have Bananian 14.09 and TP-Link WN725N wifi-adapter. I am following the instructions here:

but, in "insmod" section, it is complaining that the symbol version does not match.

I have made a quick search and it says that the driver version should match the kernel version.

The bananian has 3.4.90+ as a uname -r, but on the internet I could not find a driver for this.

I only have wireless internet and only able to download using my laptop and transfer with USB stick. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
The stick should be 'usable' with the rtl8192cu module, AFAIK there were some fixes applied to 14.09 to get it work. Also Igor's Debian image for Banana Pi contains a working driver for this chip.

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