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Could anyone help with building an image of Kubuntu from the existing image of Lubuntu ?

We don't really need a full Kubuntu installation, but a clean Ubuntu basis with the Kubuntu Desktop. We would use it in a not-for-profit project I started in Togo (africa) 2 years ago. The goal is to set up a complete Banana Pi computer room (I already purchased 26 them ;-) and give it the same "look-and-feel" than another room where we use more "conventional" Dell computers with Ubuntu. We would like the students to be able to go back and forth between the 2 rooms without feeling any major difference. MOre about the project here :

I have been trying to build that image for a while, and I came very close to a stable solution, but I am still facing some problems (such as the impossibility to add widgets, as the tool that displays them seems to be completely locked). I also left a message in another forum, hoping that a user who built a "core ubuntu" image would be able to give me some hints about how to proceed from his image, but didn't get any reply...

There is a huge potential for the Banana Pi in setting up low-cost/low-maintenance computer rooms for basic introduction to ICT in developing countries (as well as in "developed" countries, for that matter) where resources are scarce. My first attempt to build that Kubuntu image was really very encouraging.

Thanks for any inputs...


You will not be able to get kubuntu working, because the BPI/BPR has an ARM CPU,not an Intel one. The Kubuntu only support the Intel/AMD cpu,for more information, please visit the website at  If you want to use the Kubuntu Desktop,and you could try install the KDE Desktop based on the Lubuntu.

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