Android 4.2 - Ethernet support

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I was able to install Android 4.2 following your instructions and changes succesfully the language.
Now, how to turn on the ethernet? I've enabled it but I cannot see any MAC Address. It's set to 00:00:00:00:00
So I cannot obtain any IP. How to force it?


Not sure what you mean. In Android I enabled the ethernet port hooked the cable it got the IP etc from the router and it was off to the races.
Not sure what you mean by force? Do you have a DHCP enabled in your router?

Did you open the Ethernet in the setting

Ethernet is enabled and link status is up. Here you can see a pic of the settings:


What's wrong?



The Blue LED light on?

which blue led? on th ethernet?
pn the ethernet both leds are on. link on and blinking led on for traffic. strange is the mac address is all zeroed

Did you try hardwiring the settings via the advanced options to see if you can hook up to your router?

mac address is all zero, but ip address should not be zero

Hi, I was confused by zeroed mac address. There was an issue on DHCP server, but the mac address has pointed me to the wrong issue.
Now all works perfectly, thank you!


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