How to get a working kernel

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btw i released a debian image with working kernel
http://www.bananapi.com/index.ph ... e-w-kernel-3-18-rc3

a1d3s replied at Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:22
i got kernel 3.18-rc3 working with gmac support
guys use mainline kernel and only sun7i-a20-bananapi ...

Hi, a1d3s, could you please send your uImage and .config somewhere ? I'd like to test it, and try to understand why your kernel is working, and mine not

a1d3s replied at Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:09
btw i released a debian image with working kernel
http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/forum/news/256- ...

Ah ! you posted at the moment I was composing the previous message

Thanks a lot I'll test this.

This image includes all sources in /usr/src

Ok, tried your image. It works... sort of. In fact, I can ping the bananapi but I'm loosing 1/2 of packets, just like 3.4 without special banapi GMAC patch or without patched uboot.

Anyway, at least I can ping and login. Now we're going somewhere, there is hope ! I'll now try all my kernels & different uboot to understand what is the difference and what was preventing my kernels to work.

Huge thanks, you're helping me big ways !

OK, replaced your uboot with regular u-boot-sunxi (which contains a special patch for GMAC ethernet Bananapi) and ethernet is now working flawlessly !

Next, try to understand what config option was preventing my kernels for working ... Again, huge thanks !

U used uboot from lemaker or sunxi ?

I found how to spawn a terminal from the console. Add this at the end of /etc/inittab (mount root partition of SD card somewhere on your work PC):
T2:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200 vt102

I could eventually login into the system! What is frustrating is that it is nearly working. I can turn on WiFi on a USB dongle for example. I still need Ethernet for standard access.

Edited by a1d3s at Tue Nov 11, 2014 02:08

@f4ex dont know what u mean, sorry
login via ssh works , but you have to use bpi and then sudo if you are talking about my image , but please use bananapi.com forum to talk about

here are some different bootloader, have to know which one works
http://bananapi.com/index.php/fo ... kernel-3-18-rc3#553

a1d3s replied at Mon Nov 10, 2014 23:41
U used uboot from lemaker or sunxi ?

I used sunxi one (https://github.com/linux-sunxi/u-boot-sunxi.git)
It's working fine now, but only 1 CPU is usable.

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