Lubuntu for Banana Pi

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I'm downloaded this image but I don't know how I write to SD to make boot image.

I try with .img of OpenSuse and Raspbian and work perfectly


The method is the same. I want to know if your SD card size is 4G???

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I'm used 8Gb SD Card and I test Raspian Image / OpenSuse image and work perfectly. Only I have problems with Lubutu image


Could you post out you boot log??? And the ethernet led in the board light on?

Could you post out you boot log??? And the ethernet led in the board light on?

How I can obtain boot log when the BananaPi  with Lubuntu it doesn't work? I used HDMI monitor and not detect signal when I power on BananaPi. I don't use ethernet port, I use Wifi Dongle that work perfectly with Raspian/OpenSuse. I tried to write SD image with several programs in diferent SO (Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X). Yesterday, I test Fedora image for Banana Pi and work it! (Too slow). Thanks.

The other OS work, it says your board is OK. The only problem will be the image you download. Maybe the image has broken

It's possible, yes, but I downloaded from your site (it's rare, really). For now, I'm going to test Raspbian OS.

Thanks a lot.

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You'd better check the download file MD5 or SHA code with the number provided by our website.

how can you hook up the sata hard drive i have the cable and hard drive i need to know how to boot so it can work on the hard drive and what kind of iso can you but in the hard drive

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