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OpenWRT on Banana Pi Router Board (BPi-R1)

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I tried crome - same problem. I think OpenWRT isn't running on the Banana pi. If I ping the IP address, 95% of all pings are lost.

What does "works correctly in Arch Linux" mean regarding network ports? How many interfaces are available and which speed do they support?

Since the A20 SoC only supports one EMAC interface ("Support 10/100Mbps MII data transfer rate") and one GMAC ("Support 10/100/1000Mbps data transfer rates RGMII interface to communicate with an external Gigabit PHY") I don't understand how the Broadcom BCM53125 ethernet switch is connected and how I could use it for routing.

In Arch Linux the system works, but there is no network too. Only the wireless connection is working, but there is no LAN and WAN!
Ifconfig means that there is only one network LAN (eth0) Interface and interface is not working. Its impossible to get en Network connection over LAN, the Router is unreachable.

The producer of the Banana Pi Router board R1 means that the Router supports the same operating systems. But that is only the half truth, the system runs, but there no network connection.

hermannf replied at Sun Nov 9, 2014 12:45
I tried crome - same problem. I think OpenWRT isn't running on the Banana pi. If I ping the IP addre ...

very strange, perhaps you can follow the simple guide I just post to try it again.

SaruMaaZ replied at Mon Nov 10, 2014 00:08
In Arch Linux the system works, but there is no network too. Only the wireless connection is working ...

Thx for reporting back. It seems there exist different ways to interconnect RTL8211 PHY and the GMAC inside the A20 (do they use GMAC or maybe EMAC -- who know's when companies just claim to produce 'opensource hardware' and refuse to do so in reality). BTW: Is it RTL8211E or RTL8211CL on the 'router board'?

I still doubt that this can be a 'router board' since the used SoC lacks interconnection capabilities for more than one GBit interface as far as I know. But unless anybody gets the LAN stuff to work at all we won't know

I also want to know the GMAC inside A20. I remembered that I have seen that the GMAC inside A20 is somewhat FPGA, but no more details.
And I also want to know how performance is the router board.

My BPI-Router is on the way.

Can you boot Bananian?
Just no Ethernet?

I will be able to cook up a new firmware with correct Ethernet (hopefully) once I get my BPI router.

I have purchased from the first 1000 BPI Router.

I would like to build and share Debina/Ubuntu or OpenWRT based image for R1 BPI Router, because currently only an Android image is available in Chinese language.
Let's discuss the necessary drivers.
For example Broadcom switch... sunxi_gmac...
Do I need to patch the sunxi driver?

I have started a BPI R1 Router Facebook group for achieve this common aim ASAP:

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SaruMaaZ replied at Mon Nov 10, 2014 00:08
there is no LAN and WAN!

It seems there's no such thing as a WAN port since the GMAC on the 'router board' is using directly the 7-port BCM53125 switch according to the 'strings' output I ran on the U-boot part extracted from the available Android image:
  1. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ;Ethernet MAC configuration
  3. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. [emac_para]
  5. emac_used           = 0
  6. emac_rxd3           = port:PA00<2><default><default><default>
  7. emac_rxd2           = port:PA01<2><default><default><default>
  8. emac_rxd1           = port:PA02<2><default><default><default>
  9. emac_rxd0           = port:PA03<2><default><default><default>
  10. emac_txd3           = port:PA04<2><default><default><default>
  11. emac_txd2           = port:PA05<2><default><default><default>
  12. emac_txd1           = port:PA06<2><default><default><default>
  13. emac_txd0           = port:PA07<2><default><default><default>
  14. emac_rxclk          = port:PA08<2><default><default><default>
  15. emac_rxerr          = port:PA09<2><default><default><default>
  16. emac_rxdV           = port:PA10<2><default><default><default>
  17. emac_mdc            = port:PA11<2><default><default><default>
  18. emac_mdio           = port:PA12<2><default><default><default>
  19. emac_txen           = port:PA13<2><default><default><default>
  20. emac_txclk          = port:PA14<2><default><default><default>
  21. emac_crs            = port:PA15<2><default><default><default>
  22. emac_col            = port:PA16<2><default><default><default>
  23. emac_reset          = port:PA17<1><default><default><default>
  24. emac_power          = port:PH15<1><default><default><0>
  25. [gmac_para]
  26. gmac_used = 1
  27. gmac_rxd3 = port:PA00<5><default><3><default>
  28. gmac_rxd2 = port:PA01<5><default><3><default>
  29. gmac_rxd1 = port:PA02<5><default><3><default>
  30. gmac_rxd0 = port:PA03<5><default><3><default>
  31. gmac_txd3 = port:PA04<5><default><3><default>
  32. gmac_txd2 = port:PA05<5><default><3><default>
  33. gmac_txd1 = port:PA06<5><default><3><default>
  34. gmac_txd0 = port:PA07<5><default><3><default>
  35. gmac_rxclk = port:PA08<5><default><3><default>
  36. gmac_rxerr = port:PA09<0><default><3><default>
  37. gmac_rxctl = port:PA10<5><default><3><default>
  38. gmac_mdc = port:PA11<5><default><3><default>
  39. gmac_mdio = port:PA12<5><default><3><default>
  40. gmac_txctl = port:PA13<5><default><3><default>
  41. gmac_txclk = port:PA14<0><default><3><default>
  42. gmac_txck = port:PA15<5><default><3><default>
  43. gmac_clkin = port:PA16<5><default><3><default>
  44. gmac_txerr = port:PA17<0><default><3><default>
  45. [gmac_phy_power]
  46. gmac_phy_power_en = port:PH23<1><default><default><1>
  47. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. ;phy configuration
  49. ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  50. [phy_para]
  51. b53_used           = 1
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They layout of the PCB already let me think that all 5 NIC ports are directly connected to the broadcom switch and it seems that the A20's GMAC is connected using a sixth port and also using the BCM53125 as PHY. When all 5 network ports are connected to the same switch it get's interesting (to VLAN or not to VLAN) and real routing (or filtered bridging) is just possible between WLAN and any of the 5 LAN ports. But maybe I'm completely wrong and scanning the U-boot sectors of the image is worthless

The BCM53125 combined with Broadcoms BCM4706 SoC (MIPS CPU with integrated MAC using the bgmac driver -- can be found in many popular routers) should at least be able to use built-in routing capabilities inside BCM53125 so different WAN and LAN ports (with different MAC adresses) are possible. No idea how/if this works together with sunxi_gmac. We will see

;phy configuration
b53_used           = 1

This is a special configuration.

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