New Custom Rom with new Custom Kernel from scratch

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Great, thanks for the details. For information, where did you find the kernel sources and toolchain ?

And for me the most important part: how did you put back the new kernel and modules back into the image ? That's a step I'm blocking on.

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Hi Chris,

please check the howto again, my router sucks today but now the howto is complete
For the kernel you can use normally any A20 SDK.

happy hacking

Well done!
Can't wait to give it a go!

Creating a nice vagrant file that will get the whole build environment setup with a simple "vagrant up" command.
Once done, I will upload

Mmh i found this for the Bluetoothproblem on the 4.2.2 Android. As i am not good enough on compiling and stuff, i dont know if its doable with what we have at the moment, but maybe it might be a solution:

Just so simple, it's exactly what I was trying to do.

I guess that my kernel was just wrong. That's a valuable information indeed ^^

Anyone have tips on getting the Ethernet to work?

zrox replied at Thu Nov 6, 2014 10:25
Hi all,
@Adromir, it sounds strange, I have on my banana pi with this image a
A4tech usb-cable mouse ...

In btusb.c in android kernel source, some devices are blacklisted. Foe example am having a cambridge silicon bluetooth radio (CSR BlueCore Bluetooth), which is blacklisted in the line 123 and line 196. I want these blacklisted devices to work as normal. So please recompile the kernel making these changes.

btusb.c file: ... s/bluetooth/btusb.c

orbit replied at Fri Nov 7, 2014 19:03
Anyone have tips on getting the Ethernet to work?

Think i found the issue.
Working on it currently.

Awesome. Can't wait for the result.

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