New Custom Rom with new Custom Kernel from scratch

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Hi all,

sorry for my abstinence, I was away and had no access to my sources but now it's weekend again and I have time to play again.

I saw that Matrix created already a new Image with a custom Kernel

Atm. I compile a new Android 4.2.2 Image with enabled bt stack, I patched already the btusb.c to work with one of my bt-sticks (hopefully)
and I think I know why the K400 does not work  here must be patcht a Android library.
But for now, one step after, it need now some hours till the image is compiled....


+1 if you are able to get the K400 working, you are my personal hero

@ Adromir,

I hope that I get it to work

But for now, the 1st succes is done, I ported the cubieboard Android sources to our Banana pi
It was a lot of work.

known issues:
no wifi and bt support yet
sdcard isn'd corrected mounted

For now it can be started and Ethernet works and it have a cubieboard look


Can I make a wish for the next build, if you can add ADB over Wifi? I guess most people will have their BPI somewhere away from their PC so this might be Helpfull.

For the K400 Problem, I found this app from logitech, which might be able to solve the issue too: ... h.keyboard.look_ten
But it isnt officially compatible with the BPI. Will test that, when I can access my BPI again

I will pack up a lichee zip which I used, and push it to LeMaker github next week.

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Hi Tony you're welcome,

yea it sounds very good it will be made all easier for us   

thank you!


Hi guys
I have maybe found a solution for the bluetooth stick on this forum!topic/cubieboard/j8bfuhFrNJA is for Cubieboard but it could be interresting
Thanks for your good job

Regarding k400, by adding hidraw and logitech support in kernel option I was able to have the touchpad from k400 working, but not the keyboard.
But using an android terminal, and typing ´su' then ´getevent' I can see that typing keys on the keyboard is generating events.

So the issue is probably somewhere between low level driver and android catching keyboard events. i tried also various kl and kcm files, but with no success.

It's frustating since I can see no difference with the 4.4 image that can use k400 from scratch.

Tony, do you have a 4.4 source available ?

In addition, in the sunxi-linux branch, is the "make bananapi-android" supposed to work, or is it just a temporary test that did not succeed yet ?

@Chris: I found out that Logitech has an App for their Bluetooth Keyboard for Android <4.4.2 , maybe it might work with it: ... h.keyboard.look_ten

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