Please Help me to configure udpxy in Bananian.

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UDPXY, its a software that lets you convert muticast streaming (ej. rtp) to unicast streaming (Http // UDP).

now, i try to install in banania 14.09 I followed this steps:
  1. wget
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  1. tar -xzvf udpxy.1.0.23-9-prod.tar.gz
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  1. cd udpxy.1.0.23-9-prod
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  1. make
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  1. make install
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its installed udpxy on /usr/local/bin.

and now ?

anyone knows how to configure ? as it starts ?


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OK, you can call me stupid, I would've won.
  1. udpxy -T -S -p 4000
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the udpxy start, and and I can already see IPTV wifi, and from Android, entering an address like this in VLC
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one last thing , when I run the program from the console , do not let me work until udpxy its running(I push ctrl+c to close UDPXY) there any way to create a script that I run it every start automatically and continue to allow me to work ? sure that this question is more silly than the previous question. Sorry but as you see I am a newbie

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Hi. Read this:
man udpxy

       -T      Do NOT run as a daemon [default = daemon if root].
So, if you run
sudo udpxy -S -p 4000
it run like a daemon and you can continue work

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