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I am new to bananpi but not new to Linux. I just got my banana pi and botted it up ok. I have a German keyboard so I try to change the layout using the panel. Unfortunately all is grey-red out and the US keyboard is fixed. Is there a way to switch to a german keyboard? Tried root and lubuntu user ...

Ciao, Mathias
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Salut and thanks for the support ,

it had to be something simple: if the option "keep system layouts" the keyboard model and layout stays grey and cannot be changed.
I am currently evaluating boards for a larger deployment (500-1000 A20 boards) and include the time it takes to resolve issues. bananpi appears to be not the best choice
tried lubuntu - unstable, crashed with firefox, hung while installing git ...
tried bananrian - tried bananian-config multiple times, no way to set keyboard but lovely tool to learn root password and hostname by heart
trying raspian now, no hope left for success

Is there a OS that is recommended where git runs stable? Or is it the hardware?

Ciao, Mathias

Which Bananian version did you try?
Bananian is stable and bananian-config has been reworked in the 14.09 release. There is a (minor) bug related to keyboard configuration:

If you need to get it fixed for your deployment, get in touch with me. I could also provide a preconfigured image for your needs.

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