Differences between U-boot in 14.08 / 14.09?

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Does anyone has a clue what's the detailed list of differences between both U-boot versions?

The version string differs of course:

14.08: U-Boot 2014.04-10693-gf954935 (Aug 09 2014 - 09:18:55) Allwinner Technology
14.09: U-Boot 2014.04-10694-g2ae8b32 (Sep 03 2014 - 20:53:14) Allwinner Technology

But what about other differences (I just compared hex dumps and there's not that much to see. And I didn't found anything between those 2 dates related to the Banana Pi:

Background: I started a run of tests on my 1st Banana Pi with a new SD-card. I wrote 14.08 on it and made all the necessary upgrades to 14.09 (just curious because many people complain about problems that seem to be related to either upgrading or going with a fresh 14.09 installation. And Nico said the only difference would be U-boot since that isn't upgraded when doing the update from 14.08 to 14.09)

With this new image the Banana Pi froze a few times when I did heavy network related tests (operating at 1.2 GHz -- this never happened before when running a freshly installed 14.09 at the same speed under same load). Since I was curious whether it has to do with U-Boot I extracted the newer version from the 14.09 image and applied it to the SD card with the upgraded 14.08 Bananian:
  1. dd if=bananian-1409.img of=u-boot-1409.img bs=1024 skip=32 count=640
  2. dd if=/dev/rdisk1 of=u-boot-1408.img bs=1024 skip=32 count=640
  3. dd if=u-boot-1409.img of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=1024 seek=32
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(first line: extract U-boot + environment from the 14.09 image, second line: extract the 14.08 U-boot/environment from the SD card as a backup, 3rd line: overwrite U-boot/environment on the SD-card with the 14.09 version)

I switched the U-boot versions a few times but "unfortunately" wasn't able to reproduce the freezes one more time. But am still curious what the differences are. Anyone?
Hi Thomas,

last git commit in 14.08 is f954935a39abb6ffe4027eb54287823b9c59efa9 ... eb54287823b9c59efa9

last git commit in 14.09 is 2ae8b327c450679494eaedcb8e7cb61ac8d23d55 ... dcb8e7cb61ac8d23d55

So git commit 2ae8b327c450679494eaedcb8e7cb61ac8d23d55 should be the only difference.

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