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Is there more details on how to use the LineIN and FMIN input pins ?
What are the voltage range for analog signal for this input ?
Is there a schematics that shows a connection ?

Reply 1# mquevedob

I can give you the schematics connection, but I also don't know much about the hardware. I will check it with the hardware engineer. QQ截图20140505101604.png
And you can also see the PIN definition here

Ok, thanks for the info.
Is there a driver to read from analog inputs?
How do I read these inputs with raspbian?

Reply 4# mquevedob

I don't know much about the analog driver. But you can refer to for more driver information.

Reply 5# tony_zhang

hey Tony,
I heard the raspbian for banana pi v2.0 has support for these analog inputs.
Can you post information on how to configure them and read the analog input values?

Reply 6# mquevedob

We are testing the ov5640 camera, but we don't use the LINEINR and LINEINL connection. We use the driver from the linux-sunxi kernel to test the camera.


Reply 7# tony_zhang

Could you please upload the image of the sunxi kernel you are using so I can test the analog inputs?

Reply 8# mquevedob

I guess if I will update the kernel tarball. You can replaced by yourself

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