how can I enter the FEL mode?

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Hi, I want to know how can i enter the fel mode? I just follow the wiki at thehttp://sunxi.org/FEL/USBBoot , and I want to boot from USB, but after I Compile the U-Boot ,I found I can't enter the fel mode, I test a lot of times, I  hold the fel button during power-up,  and I try Press and hold the  FEL key,Press and hold the power key for about 2 seconds.
Release the power key, and press it at least 3 times immediately , but I found it doesn't work , so I want to know how can I get it . Thank you!
Banana Pi could not boot from usb

Hi, so can you help us, how to enter fel mode? What is the u-boot button for?

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look here post #28:

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