D5 diode problem?

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Yesterday I learned about Banana Pro (looks like nice piece of hardware if someone needs wifi). I learned that it's redesigned somewhat and D5 diode problem is solved. Tried to search a little bit more about this problem, but didn't find useful explaination of the situation. I think this should be in FAQ. I'd like to know:
1. When (under what circumstances) problem appears? Is it normal use or some special case?
2. How often problem appears?
3. What are the consequences (just diode needs to be replaced? risk of fire? permanent equipment damage)?
4. Is there any advised method to avoid the problem? Like replacing diode before it burns. Part numbers of suggested replace parts are welcome.
5. How was it solved in Banana Pro? Just other (more powerful) diode? Or other changes?

Wasn't sure if post this under Troubleshooting or Hardware, feel free to move to right section. TIA
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The Banana Pi's manufacturer claims that only the first 1k batch of devices was affected. And the problem was/is related to too much current either by connecting a few power hungry USB peripherals or using a powered USB hub that backpowers the Pi.

By one of my Banana Pi's was not the D5 the problem, the powermanagement chip burned. The D5 was ok. Perhaps because a mini speaker with ca. 200 mA was connected with usb? Now I use usb only for a wireless mouse. ... na-pi-suddenly-died

Is there any way to check if my device is affected?
BTW in this case statement that Banana Pro fixes this issue seems to be invalid. Seems to be fixed anyway.

Do they have any batch numbers with which we can identify if our PI has this problem?

Do they have any batch numbers with which we can identify if our PI has this problem?

I mailed SinoVOIP and here is the response from them

    we have fixed this issue long time.
    for the first , we use 350mA  diode , we have use 1A diode fixe this issue, so all is fixed it.

Hope this answers. However, when used with powered USB Hub, caution should be taken as advised by the expert forum members.

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