Archlinux image?

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I tried raspberry pi's ARchlinux image...
But it won't boot!

Can anyone make an Archlinux image or... tell me how to make one(any hint will be appreciate)

I really like arch's simplicity.
Of course, it is under transplanting.

Of course, it is under transplanting.

I am working on getting Arch Linux working under the Pi.

You just need the cubiboard2 package and a custom compiled u-boot for the banana pi. We will see how it goes.

I hope you dont mind me tossing an update here.

I set up a VM to do the cross compiling to arm. Downloaded the u-boot for the banana-pi from https://github.com/voiceshen/u-boot-bananapi

Then grabbed sunxi-boards and sunxi-tools from the respective git repos.
I also grabbed the banana pi fex config from
http://wiki.lemaker.org/index.ph ... i_Fex_Configuration

So far I have a working u-boot with script.bin and a boot.scr however it is not booting the Arch Linux uImage. that I am using. It was designed for the cubeiboard2 which uses the same cpu. I am currently recompiling the uImage to see if a generic one will boot properly.

I dont currently have a usb to rs232 so I am not sure what the exact error is on the serial console from u-boot. Ill get one this weekend and see if I can get a bit further.

Archlinux on BananaPi already released~


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