Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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I also really appreciate your support for us.
As you have already noticed I am not that familiar with the handling of the file system.
But if I got it right you have now created an image which exactly fits to my needs.
I can setup and use the BPi with HDMI connection to a TV.
And if I want to use it without any connection to any monitor I just start it without and use the audio jack for audio output.
Did I get it right?

If yes I will give it a try this evening (german time).
For the time being I was using the LeMedia 1.1 image which contains a simple switch for audio output on the command line.
But I would prefer to use the Android image as it works more flawless for me and as it is more comfortable to handle.
Also it already contains Kodi instead of XBMC Gotham.

Thanx a lot again.

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I am the only one with no sound via smb ???

Sound in System works ..... 1080p video via smb with no problems smooth etc...

But no audio ....

Need a other codec for mxplayer?

some one has experience with that???

Thx very much

Strange. And if you put your video on a SATA/USB drive connected to the BPi, do you have the same issue ?

I do not see any reason for the lack of sound being related with SMB.


The SMB in my image is done via a another app called SMB Wrapper.
This wraps the SMB as a HTTP stream so MX Player can play it back.
So, possibly that is the cause of the fault?

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I belief you are alone with it.
In my full image I use GPlayer, MX Player, XBMC and never have had any problems to play files from NAS, Sat-Box etc.
Try it with GPlayer.

Can you upload it to another file hosting site?
I tried to download it from mega, but there seems a problem on that site ...


Edited by mcray at Mon Jan 19, 2015 22:05

I have used your new image now for testing but did not succeed to get sound out of audio jack.
That is what I did:
Download your image and install it on SD Card.
Start BPi with SD Card and HDMI connection to TV.
Install Kodi within android via APK.
Install Startup Manager via APK and configure Kodi to be started automatically.
Start internet radio station within Kodi while connected via HDMI -> sound goes via HDMI
Start BPi without HDMI connection and open internet radio station within Kodi -> no sound via audio jack
Connect BPi with HDMI again without restart-> sound comes up via HDMI
Change Audio Output Mode to audio codec and shutdown BPi
Start BPi without HDMI connection and open internet radio station within Kodi -> no sound via audio jack

Am I doing something wrong?

Edited by liab at Mon Jan 19, 2015 23:54

The only difference between you and me is, when you disconnect the HDMI (I do the same), but I have at TV out a small control monitor. How do you operate with Kodi without any monitor? If you do it from other devices like a handy or tablet, all may be other.

Edit: I tried to remote xbmc from my handy, the sound over audio jack and no HDMI monitor was ok.
I tried it with my other BPi. That BPi is connected with a HDMI switch. If I use the wrong HDMI channel, the BPI switch automatically to NTSC and sound to the output jack.

Sorry, I can't unterstand your problem.

Edited by anton at Mon Jan 19, 2015 23:57

liab, you are the man!
After weeks of having my bpi uselessly lying around cause i couldn't find an image that was capable of doing what i need my bpi to do the image you provided finally is the jack of all trades i was looking for.
It allows me to use kodi remotely with working wifi and analog audio output without having a display connected. I am extremely glad right now and very much looking forward to finally being able to listen to music in a convenient way. Can't thank you enough!

@ mcray
Audio jack won't be used as long as video output is set to hdmi even if no hdmi display is connected. So what you've got to do is set everything up the way you did and then set video output to pal. To do this you will have to click the confirmation button with a black screen. If you fail to click it video output will be reset to hdmi after some seconds. So you will know you did everything right when the screen remains black. Now shutdown your bpi (if you want to do it remotely here is my guide how to do it using ssh), unplug the hdmi cable and at the next system boot you should have sound over audio jack.  

@ anton
You are right!
I had to connect my BPi via AV cable once to use audio jack for audio output.
Now I can use it for its intended purpose.
Thanx a lot for your hint

@ liab
Thanx a lot again for having so much patience and providing us with such a great solution!

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