Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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anton, many thanks for the compliment.
There is another possibility:
1. You use my first image with the audio_codec sound as default.
2. You connect the BPi with a cheap HDMI switch.
3. So your BPi thinks it's connected to a HDMI monitor and all is like you want.

That's the same I had with one of my BPi's. It is connected with HDMI2DVI to a monitor without speakers, so I was forced to edit the c++ sourcen to have sound through the audio jack.
That is not the pefect way. Better were, to make Android able to save the audio settings permanent. The reason because I try to understand java.

first of all, I want to say that this ROM is awesome. Nevertheless I got a small issue.
I want to use BPi as a DLNA + file server and simple video player (MX Player is more than enough). So far, everything works except one issue: I can't write any file to NTFS HDD through the network (using WebDav). I figured out, that the reason may be in permissions in accessing the HDD (root explorer shows 075 for /mnt/sata). Unfortunatelly, I can't change the permissions neither using root explorer nor chmod. I've read that it is impossible to change those values for fat32/ntfs storage. I've also tried to format the HDD to ext4, but then system seems to not to recognize the hdd at all (/mnt/sata is empty).
Do you have any ideas how to make this work? I'd be thankful for any suggestions.

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You are sure the mountpoint is /mnt/sata?
On my image it is /mnt/sata/8_1:
/dev/block/vold/8:1 /mnt/sata/8_1 fuseblk rw,noatime,user_id=0,group_id=0,default_permissions,allow_other,blksize=4096 0 0

It is a rw (read/write) system and write to it is possible. You must search the problem in your used app like WebDav.
I tried it at the moment in my image with SambaDroid and I could delete, rename etc from other decices, it works fine.

Edit: Android must be rooted.
I tried it from my handy with the ES Datei Explorer, no problem to delete files on the BPi sata. A good app is Servers Ultimate.

You're right, the mountpoint is in /mnt/sata/8_x (where x is some kind of partition number or something, after last reformating I got 8_5 there). But this is not an issue.
I've tried WebDav and Ultimate Servers (WebDav and ftp) and still the same problem - I can browse and download files but I can't upload. On ftp I got error message 451 when trying to upload anything (but the disk is not full). What's more interesting, everything works like a charm when I change the server's root folder to sdcard -  writing is possible there.

Is it really necessary for you to upload files to the BPi using your current methods (FTP and WebDav) ?

Personally I prefer to control transfers to and from the BPi using the Android app "ES File Explorer" running on the BPi, and accessing my normal PCs through SMB fileshares. This has always worked fine for transfers to all BPi storage devices, including SD card, USB drives and the SATA HDD. Unlike the server you mention the "ES File Explorer" doesn't work just for one designated 'server root folder', but gives access to all BPi storage devices without reconfiguration.

Typically you browse to the remote PC folder in one window tab of "ES File Explorer" and there select the files and folders to be copied, and use a 'Copy' command to copy that list to a clipboard. Then you navigate to the destination folder on one of the BPi storage devices using another window tab and there use a 'Paste' command to start the transfer of the selected content. It's really quite simple once you get used to this method.

Best regards: dlanor

I agree, this method may be easier but it is absolutely different approach. I'd call them "pulling files from PC" vs "putting files to BPi".
The reason why I need the second approach is that I want to use BPi as a file server. Not only for files that I want to use in BPi but as a general storage for computers in my network. In this case, as far as I am concerned, I need WebDav (or ftp alternatively).

mathes replied at Thu Jan 22, 2015 02:38
I agree, this method may be easier but it is absolutely different approach. I'd call them "p ...

Maybe you can try this:

worked for my in a minix neo x7.

Is the bpi with android suitable to use as NAS? The speed I found with samba was very bad, about 2 MiB/s. Makes not lucky with GB's.

Continuing from the comment liab just made above, I have to concur that using a 'throughput-weak' Android box as the main file server for a network of 'real' computers with large-sized storage needs is a bad idea. The BPi will inevitably become an irritating bottleneck for such a network, and especially when running on Android, which is not optimized for such usage. If you absolutely must use the BPi for such a server then you'd be better off running some proper server software on a Linux distro better optimized for such use. You should still be able to use XBMC as media player under such a Linux system, though I seriously doubt the capability of a BPi to simultaneously handle both video playback and other file serving at acceptable speeds, regardless of which OS it uses. So you'll probably be restricted to doing one of these things at a time.

Best regards: dlanor

Again, I have to disagree. You guys underestimate capabilities of this little device

So far, after initial tests I got following conclusions:
- this (DLNA+WebDav/ftp+video player) configuration works - video playback is smooth even when both servers are working - I haven't checked yet the playback during the file transfer
- liab is right, transfer with Samba is about 2MB/s, but with WebDav it gets to about 40MB/s (I hope for more after further testingand research) which is pretty decent for home application - apparently the protocol (or serving application/service) influences on that

I am still trying to resolve the issue with writing to hdd through the network. I am still pretty sure there's something wrong with permissions. When I'll figure this thing out (I hope I will ) I will come back to you with final results of further testing. I am aware that at the end the conclusion may be 'it can't be done' but for some reasons I don't want to switch to Linux yet.

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