Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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Hey I have a question, I got my Banana Pro today and installed this image on it. The question is, how to get the integrated BPro WiFi working?

Thanks in advance!


I have installed the image and everything works well.
The only question I have is: How in can I play a movie from network using LAN cable connection ?
Sorry if this is a stupid question but damn if I can figure it out...


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Forget it and use a WAN-Stick. Most android bpi images are compiled for the rtl8189es chip, my image for the rtl8192cu and rtl8192eu.
The bpi pro used a AP6181 Chip, at the moment no chance (I believe for a long time).

So what you are telling me is that Android is only using WiFi and no ethernet connection?

No, with the android images both is possible. If wifi is working you have had a lot of luck and the right WLAN-Stick! Most people here had no luck with wifi, but LAN is always working.

Mine it doesn't and I can't figure out why.

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1. WLAN disable
2. More "Use Ethernet" enable
3. Advanced Configure
4. Insert right IP gateway and so on

Will not work? You have a BPI or a pro?

I have BPI.
When I try to check Use Ethernet it throws me back to android desktop.

Ok, I have reinstalled the image and strangely now it works. I booted without my usb adapter for keyboard and mouse and everything seems fine. Maybe it was something related to that.
Now I can't hear sound through HDMI.

Got sound working. Thanks all for the help.

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