Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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dlanor replied at Thu Nov 27, 2014 04:09
This problem still exists.
We've experimented with an extra app named "SmbWrapper" that can be used  ...

Thanks so much I downloaded and used the current beta and for me its working well enough. All I playback is DVD's that are upscaled to 1080 and its working fantastic.
Watched several shows and Thanksgiving was a blast thanks to the Pi and Kodi. Hulu works well but Netflix is still bad.


how Can I install this on my SD card without losing my android data ?

The way Phoenix card is working it reformat completly the sdcard.

But you can back up the content of your data partition and restore it.

I use Paragon ExtFS to access the ext partitions of the sdcard, and since I changed the removal stragey of the sdcard reader from safe removal to quick removel, in windows device manager, it works pretty well. But you have to unmount the partition from extFS first, then eject properlly the sdcard from stray icon to be sure not to corrupt the content.

Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and at first I'd like to thank all the image builders and their supporters. Great work! Meanwhile I checked out many images and it's really fun for me, cause every time I'm so exited what's in there and how the video is working that time ;-) Last version I tried was Mattrix' V3.1 - and that image was pretty cool in terms of 'Video' playback and Android stability.

Was one of you guys able to launch/set-up the tvheadend client for Live-TV in Kodi/xmbc and having a fluent video?

Hi all, would like to echo the appreciation for the effort you guys are putting into getting XBMC working on the banana pi.
I have a couple of questions:
First, I've got Mattrix's v3.1 working, but have no sound when playing videos  - I can hear the noises XBMC makes as you move through the menus, so it appears to be a playback specific issue. Any advice?
Second, I have XMBC on a mac and the quality of the image on the banana pi when the same movie plays is quite a bit inferior (pixelated) to the mac- is there something that i can do to remedy this?

many thanks for any help!


Last night I install the image and it works pretty well except for a few random reboots.

I´m a minix x7 user and have a couple of "vices" acquired and try to reproduce in the BPI.
I edit with esfile explorer the build.prop to resize the icons and text in 1080 image. I insert this line "ro.sf.lcd_density=240" and looks very well.
Anyone try SPMC? From the playstore you can´t download because the BPI is not a supported device, but from the webpage you can download and install without any problem. I just install SPMC (, last night I didn´t have time to try videos so I don´t know how it works.

For the guys with problems with streaming content, I can´t remember where but I read that the FTP is much better than the SMB, 10 times better. Maybe you can try the FTP protocol for improve your streaming content.

For samba sharing I use this guide and works like a charm. I use the app from XDA because the app from the playstore rewrite your samba.conf on every reboot.

How can I reboot or turn off the system from software? I didn't found any button or combination.

Again thanks and sorry for my "ape english".

enredar replied at Thu Dec 11, 2014 17:32

Last night I install the image and it works pretty well e ...

Apparently SPMC is a variation based on Gotham ?

Then Kodi (XBMC v14) seems a better choice, since stagefright support is now supported out of the box, provifing direct HW acceleration in dvdplayer, the embedded player in Kodi.

Regarding apps to reboot/halt, there was one included in the previous GitHub for the android sources, I should have still images based on that, I'll push it in the actual repository where you should be able to download it. Or just press power butto for some seconds to shutdown, or reset for reboot.

mattrix replied at Thu Nov 13, 2014 15:54
XMBXWrapper is old and looks for "xbmc" where as this uses Kodi.
Just ignore that message. As long a ...
The first rule "<rule video="true" player="MXPlayerFree">" matches any videos.
The rules inside it basically overwrite that default rule for different types.

Replace XBMCWrapper with dvdplayer if you want to use XBMC's internal player.

I have try because more video i have audio mute, but don't work, i have set
  1. <playercorefactory>
  2. <players>
  3.     <!-- Kodi Wrapper definition -->
  4.     <player name="XBMCWrapper" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
  5.         <filename>hu.xmister.xbmcwrapper</filename>
  6.         <hidexbmc>true</hidexbmc>
  7.         <playcountminimumtime>120</playcountminimumtime>
  8.     </player>
  10.     <!-- MXPlayer Free definition -->
  11.     <player name="MXPlayerFree" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
  12.         <filename></filename>
  13.         <!-- Hide XBMC -->
  14.         <hidexbmc>true</hidexbmc>
  15.         <!-- Set to seen after 2 minutes -->
  16.         <playcountminimumtime>120</playcountminimumtime>
  17.     </player>
  18. </players>
  19. <rules action="prepend">
  20.     <rule video="true" player="MXPlayerFree">
  21.         <rule protocols="smb" player="dvdplayer" />
  22.         <rule dvdimage="true" player="dvdplayer" />
  23.         <rule protocols="rtmp" player="dvdplayer" />
  24.         <rule protocols="rtsp" player="dvdplayer" />
  25.         <rule protocols="sop" player="dvdplayer" />
  26.         <rule protocols="pvr" player="dvdplayer" />
  27.     </rule>
  28. </rules>
  29. </playercorefactory>
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when start video exit from kodi and go on android home screen

thanks for the tips

Sorry, I have download and install v3,1 now ok the player is xbmc and I can controll with remote control on smartphone but more video haven't audio, I have to install more codec?

For some apps you can find on your phone play store but cannot find in BPI play store or even you manage to find in play store but it gives you "your device is not compatible" you may try install an apps call "market helper" . It allow your BPI to pretend any phone and pretend using your local mobile network carrier.

I downloaded a local tv streaming app apk and it does not work but after using market help and download as "samsung s5" in play store , it works well.

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