Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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orbit replied at Mon Dec 15, 2014 16:44
has anyone tried the TP-LINK WN725N wifi dongle on this image?

Yes, me and works perfect, in android the only thing that I had to do is config my SSID and Password.
In Lemedia was impossible to me (a newbie) make it work.

i have TP-link TL-WN725N and works good with android and raspbian.

I have a question if this image includes support for the logitech k400 keyboard ?


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I am using 2 different plug and play remotes (1 is iPazzPort) and in Kodi with this image it keeps popping up with cvbs cable pluged in and out (not plugged for some reason) every 10-20 seconds making it unusable

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same here, it just keep going on and off, frequency is more often when I am playing video in MX Player, the ony things I pluged is usb mouse and keyboard, Lan, hdmi and USB for power supply

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is there a source for this new rom?

I like to expand the internal on the SD and add some apps...

I am testing for making Banana Pi android for a kiosk mode, I will also like to look for a way to make screen rotation posible.

LarryLaptop replied at Sat Dec 27, 2014 16:32
is there a source for this new rom?

I like to expand the internal on the SD and add some apps...


There is one distribution available on this Git repo:

Regarding the sources on which was mainly based Mattrix image, the git repo was deleted a bit too fast.

Hopefully I still have a VM which was using it, so I'm trying to make it as clean as possible and will try to push it on another repo.

Both distribution are quiely similar, but it should be good for references to have both version available.

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First I just wanted to say thank you to mattrix, apart from the WiFi adapter pickyness this image works great.

Then I have some questions.

First is to people with a TP-LINK WN725N working with this image: What hardware revision is it? Apparently there are two with AFAIK different chips.

Second, can I update XBMC/Kodi from Beta to final via Google store without breaking anything, especially the MX player integration?

Third, is it possible to configure this as a reverse WiFi access point, giving devices connected to the LAN port access to the local network? The space behing the TV is cluttered enough already, without adding a separate box for that.

New 3.1 version available in first post

Changes 02/01/2015 (3.1):
- Updated to Kodi 14.0
- Replace XBMC Wrapper with SMB Wrapper

Hi, thank you for your work, it's running just perfect. Only issue is that i can't install some apps from Google Play due to incompatibility - like facebook, some games etc. can you please help me with some workaround? Thanks in advance ;)

Can the image off an SD card be copied using dd, so that linux users can write to them to the sdcard without using phoenixcard..
i.e. prepare the SD card, then use dd to copy the sdcard to an image, and then distribute that so everyone can write that - or doesn't that work?

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