Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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Hey i need youre Help!
When my Banana Pi boots it gets stucked in the green Android screen.
Please help me!

Can anyone tell me if this image works when Phoenix-Image burned on a 2GB card? Nothing seems to happen after power-up. At the moment I have a 2GB card and a 32GB card available and wanted to use the 32 elsewhere.

@ mattrix
there is a major bug in your OS Android

i don't know wehre you get the sorce from your Android ?

if some1 like to have hdmi and audio jack togeher it will not work.
if you look in the orginal Banana Android OS  you can choice 3 audio options
maype this fault is made by Lemaker.

And anyway by the way
did some1 know or recognize Cyrix and Soundblaster in the old days?

Recently, I have installed this image and changed MXPlayer to default player to be able to use subtitles for streamed sources, but I experience crashes and freezes - it looks like it is connected somehow to RAM overloading or something. Is it possible to limit amount of data buffered or maybe the crashes and freezes are not due to change of the player?

Is it possible to use this with a lcd from another android tablet @mattrix

is there support for afterglow DualShock controllers @mattrix

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