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First I did not have any luck playing video from Kodi with the original 1080 img posted in this thread.
Did I need to include the playerfactory.xml modifications ?  If so what do you edit these files with in Android?

Also is there a way to switch left and right mouse buttons around? I have an older Lenovo Multimedia Remote thing which the left mouse button is shot but the keyboard and mouse work. So I was hoping I could switch the left and right mouse button meaning.

There are several options to do it, but the most simple way is to mount the sdcard on your windows (or probably linux either) and to modifiy the file directly from here, on android/data ...

dlanor replied at Fri Nov 14, 2014 18:55
I've spent a few hours testing the new 1080p image you made, though I modified it a little ...

As I see it the failure of XBMC/Kodi to pass a working SMB path to 'MX Player'

Is this still a problem?
I have a SMB nas drive and it kept telling me it could not play the files yet when I played them with
ESFile Server and MXPlayer they played just fine.
Hoping I can get this ready for relatives visiting tomorrow.

This problem still exists.
We've experimented with an extra app named "SmbWrapper" that can be used to 'in between' XBMC and MXPlayer, to ensure that the SMB passwords are passed along, but that app was not designed to work with Kodi (new storage path strings), so it can not simply be used as-is.

On the other hand, the latest versions of Kodi beta 3 work fairly well even without any external player, though probably with limited video bitrate.

Best regards: dlanor

dlanor replied at Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:09
This problem still exists.
We've experimented with an extra app named "SmbWrapper" that can be used  ...

The last version of Kodi is allready Beta 5 ;)

ChrisP replied at Thu Nov 27, 2014 04:51
The last version of Kodi is allready Beta 5 ;)

That's not surprising, as they're making new beta builds constantly... ;)

But I was of course referring to the latest build I've seen in an Android image released here.
(Though I suppose I may be lagging behind recent updates here too... )

Best regards: dlanor

That other XBMCwrapper actually did work fine with Kodi.
The APK itself didn't think it was installed, but in fact it is.
As long as Kodi is setup to send to it, it's not bothered either way.

I just never got around to uploading a new image with it

mattrix replied at Thu Nov 27, 2014 14:53
That other XBMCwrapper actually did work fine with Kodi.
The APK itself didn't think it was installe ...

You may be right, but I never got XBMCwrapper to do what it was supposed to do.
And reading its docs indicates that it doesn't even try  to access the password list.
It's only concerned with online streaming protocols, and not with local SMB access.
I'd like to be wrong about it, but that is what its documentation describes.

So if that's correct then it's not a continuation of the SMBwrapper project, but rather a fork in an entirely different direction. Instead of handing SMB requests properly to the external player, using the password list of XBMC/Kodi, XBMCwrapper only hands online streaming links to the external player in a form it can understand, which XBMC itself apparently failed to do correctly (similar to how it fails to include passwords for SMB links).

This also means that for full functionality of both local SMB links and online streaming links, both those apps would be needed, or preferably a new hybrid app combining both features.

Ideally this whole mess should be fixed by elimination of these bugs in XBMC/Kodi.
For as I see it passing access links in a form that doesn't work properly is a very serious bug.

Best regards: dlanor

Just to clear an ambiguity: Kodi CAN use authenticated SMB connection,

The way to define it is a bit messy. In the screen where you add a file source, instead of shosing Network SMB as srouce type, choose Add Network location. In this screen you can define a SMB connection with the path, username, password ans eventually domain. Once done you go back to the list of file source type, and instead of choosing SMB connection, you will have a new type that is the predefine authentication SMB access you just defined.

But I am pretty sure the wrapper will not be aware of that.

ChrisP replied at Fri Nov 28, 2014 04:21
Just to clear an ambiguity: Kodi CAN use authenticated SMB connection,

The way to define it is a bi ...

That was never the issue. I've always used authenticated SMB connections from all versions of XBMC/Kodi.

The real issue is that when the "playercorefactory.xml" file is used to make XBMC call an external player for  playback, this only works for locally stored files or files shared without authentication, since XBMC/Kodi never includes authentication in the SMB links passed to the external player.

That is what SMBwrapper was all about. It would create its own "playercorefactory.xml" linking itself as external player. But when XBMC called it for playback, SMBwrapper would then dig into the password file of XBMC and build a complete authenticated SMB link, and pass that along to the real external player, as chosen in SMBwrapper settings. But SMBwrapper only worked for XBMC but not for Kodi, and even with XBMC I had problems making it work.

XBMCwrapper is a later project inspired by SMBwrapper, and updated to use the new access paths of Kodi, but apparently it was not written to do the same job as SMBwrapper, but was intended mainly to deal with online streaming protocols that XBMC failed to pass correctly to external players. So while XBMCwrapper has a similar purpose as SMBwrapper, it deals with other protocols. At least that is what its docs state, and its author has posted in one forum that fixing it for SMB is impossible (which I strongly disagree with).

Best regards: dlanor

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