Android Mattrix KODI Image - V3.2 - 08/12/2015

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Edited by mattrix at Dec 08, 2015 03:55

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to creating a new KODI Image

Here are the main features:
- Latest KODI 15.2
- Auto-setup of KODI, MX Player & SMB Wrapper
- Autostart KODI on boot
- Works on Banana Pi & Banana Pro
- 720p & 1080p Versions Available
- SMB Wrapper to allow playback of Network files
- HIDRaw and Joystick Drivers + XPAD module loaded on boot

The latest KODI is now capable of playing back most videos I tried natively.
However, it is still using quite a bit of CPU and may not playback everything.
I therefore decided to use MX Player for playback for a more consistent user experience.

Both 720p & 1080p version playback videos fine but the 720p image is quite a bit faster in the GUI.

720p (309 MB)!yIRiTC6J!rGenkguG7LakhTAK6mYBmh7U1DyIm2UMTGK-vUqIVnQ

1080p (309MB)!6FoSWYjT!IAsl4bPFxTRXv2kq8_SgOeOrveohKZKqF-7ajzkNkEA
- Unzip image & burn with PhoenixCard
- Boot, and then wait.... (about 1-2 mins)
- KODI will automatically start (signalling the end of the installation process)
- If using 1080p version, exit KODI and set Settings -> Display -> Output -> HDMI 1080p 60HZ
- That's it.

KODI is setup to use SMB Wrapper + MX Player for network files and MX Player for any local files.
You can easily edit playercorefactory.xml file in sdcard/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata folder.
To disable KODI autostart, remove sdcard/Android/data/mattrix/autostartkodi

Here are the changes:

Changes 08/12/2015 (3.2):
- Changed base image to Banana Pro image (Built-in WiFi should now work)
- Updated to Kodi 15.2
- Keep all default Android apps

Changes 02/01/2015 (3.1):
- Updated to Kodi 14.0
- Replace XBMC Wrapper with SMB Wrapper

Changes 13/11/2014 (3.0):
- Update XBMC to latest Kodi
- Remove "allow unverified apps" popup on boot
- Add HDIRaw and Joystick drivers
- Load xpad module on boot
- Fix "Mobile Networks" settings option doesn't work

Changes 11/11/2014 (2.0):
- Latest 3.4.39 Kernel
- Automated setup on first boot (no copying / pasting needed - just ready to roll)
- Autoboot into XBMC
- Added XBMC Wrapper App to wrap network files as HTTP streams
- Removed SuperSu App (this can be added via Playstore if required)
- Set CPU frequency settings on boot

Changes (Initial Release - 1.0):
- Rooted
- SD Card Storage Mount Fix
- Set to stock Android Launcher
- Ethernet Default to ON
- Remove all apps (can be added back via PlayStore if required)
- Add XBMC App
- Add MX Player
- Add SuperSu App





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Edited by UrbanGod at Thu Nov 13, 2014 13:24

Thank you for this great release

2 Problems:
I can't configure the playercorefactory.xml to play Youtube Videos, it goes back to Android Homescreen
And: The XMBXWrapper say, there is no XMBC installed.

Here is my playercorefactory.xml
  1. <playercorefactory>
  2. <players>
  3.     <!-- Kodi Wrapper definition -->
  4.     <player name="XBMCWrapper" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
  5.         <filename>hu.xmister.xbmcwrapper</filename>
  6.         <hidexbmc>true</hidexbmc>
  7.         <playcountminimumtime>120</playcountminimumtime>
  8.     </player>
  10.     <!-- MXPlayer Free definition -->
  11.     <player name="MXPlayerFree" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
  12.         <filename></filename>
  13.         <!-- Hide XBMC -->
  14.         <hidexbmc>true</hidexbmc>
  15.         <!-- Set to seen after 2 minutes -->
  16.         <playcountminimumtime>120</playcountminimumtime>
  17.     </player>
  18. </players>
  19. <rules action="prepend">
  20.    <rule internetstream="true" player="dvdplayer" />
  21.         <rule protocols="smb" player="dvdplayer" />
  22.         <rule dvdimage="true" player="dvdplayer" />
  23.         <rule protocols="rtmp" player="dvdplayer" />
  24.         <rule protocols="rtsp" player="dvdplayer" />
  25.         <rule protocols="sop" player="dvdplayer" />
  26.         <rule protocols="pvr" player="dvdplayer" />
  27.         <rule video="true" player="dvdplayer">
  28.     </rule>
  29. </rules>
  30. </playercorefactory>
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Thanks a lot, and excuse me for my bad english (i'm from Germany)

I am trying it out right now, seems to be a bit unresponsive to me, but maybe its because of the first run. And if i may ask you for a favour, it would be great if you could publish the raw image, only with like superuser and the new kernel installed

Edited by mattrix at Thu Nov 13, 2014 15:56

XMBXWrapper is old and looks for "xbmc" where as this uses Kodi.
Just ignore that message. As long as Kodi sends the video to it, it will work.

Shouldn't you have
  1. <rule video="true" player="MXPlayerFree">
  2.         <rule internetstream="true" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  3.         <rule protocols="smb" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  4.         <rule dvdimage="true" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  5.         <rule protocols="rtmp" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  6.         <rule protocols="rtsp" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  7.         <rule protocols="sop" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  8.         <rule protocols="pvr" player="XBMCWrapper" />
  9.     </rule>
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The first rule "<rule video="true" player="MXPlayerFree">" matches any videos.
The rules inside it basically overwrite that default rule for different types.

Replace XBMCWrapper with dvdplayer if you want to use XBMC's internal player.

Did you stripped it of the language files? Whenever I try to change the system language, the settings crashes. Changing keyboardlayout the same

Hi mattrix,

Thanks a lot for your work. Does this image include drivers for Logitech unifying receiver ? I am looking for an Android that I could use with my wireless mouse.

Otherwise, does anyone know a wireless mouse that I could use with Android 4.2 on the Banana Pi ?


I gave it a try, but I have the same issue with Kodi Beta 2 that I had with other tests: If I want to play video from within Kodi itslef, and as soon as I try to play a video, Kodi close and I go back to Android Launcher. Using Alpha 4 is working fine in the same situation.

Do you have the same issue ?

Edited by anton at Fri Nov 14, 2014 16:45

I also gave it a shot. To me kodi seems to be running well and automatic (local) playback via MX Player is working properly, too. The downside of playback via MX Player is that you lose control of your Banana if you use remote control, e.g. Yatse. So thanks for posting the way how to use the internal player, too. I will also try this out.
I do like that audio out is working via hdmi as well as analog which wasnt't the case for me with all images I tested.

What i don't understand is " - Fix "Mobile Networks" settings option doesn't work" in the changelog. For me when I switch Wifi to "on" it still automatically goes "off" after some seconds. Maybe it is because my wifi dongle isn't detected. This is the next thing i don't get: My wifi dongle is an Edimax EW-7811Un which, according to the internet, has a Realtek RTL8188CUS chip and therefore should be supported. Is there anything else except for plugin it in in order to get it working?

Hi I just got my banana pi and installed this image. Whenever I try to open a video file (mkv, avi) from a SMB share, the XBMCwrapper is starting, and is showing this message for a few seconds "Launching with HTTP stream from samba", then an error is popping up that says:
Video problem
Can't play this video.

I do not have any problems if I play videos from an USB drive that is directly connected to the Banana pi.

I've spent a few hours testing the new 1080p image you made, though I modified it a little myself first, simply to increase the data partition to 4 GB and the system partition to .75 GB. (Original values being 1 GB and .5 GB respectively.) I had no problems booting or configuring the system, so I have no complaints about its basic functionality.

After changing the hardware output mode to 1080p I can verify that this system uses true 1080p resolution (unlike some other attempts which only change hardware mode). Some users probably miss doing this, leading to complaints, as they then get the rendered 1080p screen re-rendedered as 720p to fit the output mode, which wastes hardware resources and makes small sized text garbled (as shrinking eliminates some pixels). Another important setting is the 'Screen trimming', which by default reduces the physical size to something far less than 1920x1080, as it uses large overscan borders on all sides. True 1080p display can only be achieved by setting the trimmed area to the maximum position (though low quality TVs may not be able to handle the full size, which is why this trimming exists).

Even so, much of the text using small font sizes remains very hard to read, even when perfectly rendered with 1080p output mode.
This can be fixed in a new image by using DragonFace to insert a new parameter definition into the "build.prop" file.
That will cause the system to rescale the rendering of screen objects to the same physical size as with the current 720p image.

That parameter doesn't exist originally, meaning that the original image falls back on a default value of 160 DPI.
If we consider that a good value for 720p, then for 1080p we need to multiply it by 1080/720 = 1.5, and 1.5*160 == 240.

We can also adjust the value differently, if we want more or less objects per screen than we get with the default DPI.
That can be done for either of the two images, but we always need to adapt the pixel density value to the resolution used.
So to get identical visual readability with both images we do need that density value for 1080p to be 1.5 times the value for 720p.

Now as to the Kodi version used, I find it almost completely unusable for my purposes. The SMB wrapping is not helping at all, as every video I try to launch by "Files" browsing to SMB servers in my LAN always end the same way, with "Can't play this video". The only variation is that sometimes the message comes at once, while it's sometimes preceded by a LONG timeout delay with a spinning circle on screen. That's one half of the reason I find this Kodi unusable. The other half is due to the fact that there exists no PlexBMC-supporting skin that is compatible with this Helix version of XBMC/Kodi. PlexBMC itself does work, but having to go through the Addons menu for each video access is unacceptable, so without a compatible skin there is no point to it.

As I see it the failure of XBMC/Kodi to pass a working SMB path to 'MX Player' (with or without the extra wrapper) is a definite bug in the XBMC/Kodi program code, probably still using some PC related method for handling the passed parameter strings, in some way incompatible to Android. I say this mainly because other programs without any PC relationship have no problems passing SMB paths to 'MX Player'. 'ES File Explorer' is one of the programs I've used for launching videos from SMB servers with playback passed to 'MX Player'. And that works fine every time.

I do not expect XBMC/Kodi to have this bug fixed in any reasonable time, as they are clearly focusing only on their own internal player.

As for the incompatibility of this Helix version to nearly all skins, including all PlexBMC-supporting ones, that may be a temporary problem, but right now it's a showstopper...

I'm going to install an older version instead, possibly an older Helix (the earliest were Gotham-compatible), but probably a stable Gotham version.

Best regards: dlanor

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