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I plan to use the Banana Pi I ordered in a headless enviroment, and therefore want to use Arch Linux.
Is it possible to use Arch Linux on the Banana PI? Has anyone some experience to share?
It should be possible - there are Versions for a lot of Developerboards already (e.g. the Raspberry Pi and the Cubieboard 2).
I need a Archlinux image too .

Yes it is possible, and it is relatively easy to construct a working ArchlinuxARM image. I'll write a documentation and put it on my webserver for download soon. Just follow the steps mentioned in the BananaPi-Wiki to setup a bootable SD card and use the filesystem of the ArchlinuxARM guys, which they made for the Cubieboard2. Before you update the system via pacman, put the uboot-cubieboard2 package on the ignore list, because after overwriting the bootloader with the cubieboard2-package the BananaPi won't boot again. I took the kernel image and modules of the BananaPi project, didn't try the cuibieboard2 kernel by ArchlinuxARM yet.

It will be available tonight

booted succesfully with lemaker kernel and archlinux arm for cubie2 following the wiki
only problem i found for now dhcp client doesn't connect to router even if lights on the board are blinking maybe i did something wrong

There is no /boot/uEnv.txt
How can I change the root file system to boot from usb drive?

dhcp seems not to work with netctl on the BananaPi, but ig you call "dhcpcd eth0" it connects at least with my router.
I put a quick & dirty image file based on the original Lubuntu image including the Lubuntu kernel and modules on my webserver, so it is available here:
https://www.ansgartaflinski.de/b ... rchlinuxARM_BPi.zip

As my own images are based on my experimental configuration for the experimental 3.10 branch of the sunxi-linux kernel, i'll upload them, if it works better ;)

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The uEnv.txt is placed on the FAT16 partition. By default this partition is not mounted by Archlinux. As Archlinux tries to overwrite the BananaPi kernel with another Cubieboard2-kernel, I don't recomment to mount it by default as long as the update of the kernel is not disabled by an "IgnorePkg"-Entry in the /etc/pacman.conf
The bootloader stuff partition is /dev/mmcblk0p1 on the BananaPi, so if you mount it somewhere, you can edit the uEnv configuration.

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Great! If any help I can support, please contact me !

many thanks to the ninjas. This came just in time: my board arrived yesterday, and tomorrow i will take a day off

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