not possible to use it as hd tvheadend server?

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i tried to use the bpi with bananian and a usb hd sat card as tvheadend server
it worked but the picture of the whole rtl hd transponder (rtl2 hd, vox hd, n-tv hd) comes randomly pixelated (sometimes with green)
in the tvheadend webif i see the bitrate is higher and more constant as on other channels
then i added a second usb hd sat card and started a record, after that the artifacts comes more often
so maybe the usb ports are too slow for this?
or is the network controller binded with usb like on raspberry?

the 2 usb hd sat cards running perfectly on a pc with xbmcbuntu

please help
The network controller is directly connected to the SoC. There's a thread in this subforum covering all this basic stuff.

If you're searching for bottlenecks then you might want to give "htop", "ntop" and eg. "dstat -cdnpmgs --top-bio --top-cpu --top-mem" a try. On Bananian I believe it's necessary to install the latter packages first: "apt-get install ntop dstat".

Hi i am trying to use Bpi as tvheadend server with USB dvb-t & USB dvb-s2 tuners. Initial setup very promising dvd-t channels play fine but the dvb-s tuner locks up after a couple of minuets, playing or idling.

DVB-S2 tuner is DVBSKY S960 usb.

I have tried built in driver and compiled the latest with the same results. Any suggestions?

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