Which Device for UART?

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Hallo there,

I'm trying to get a RS232 Adapter to run via GPIO UART. There are various tutorials out there (mainly for RasPi) which all point to device /dev/ttyAMA0.
Strangely, this device doesn't seem to exist on my system. Any ideas/suggestions?

My USB -> RS232 Adapter use /dev/ttyUSB0

Unlike the Raspberry, the Banana offers 4 UARTs which are exposed from /dev/ttyS0 to /dev/ttyS3

More explanation here (in French )

Thank you! I got it! Though my french is trés bad, I understood those tables and graphs ;-)

Happy it helped

Hi, unfortuniatly I still ahve a almost similar Problem, but do ot get it with this post so far.

I use the Bananian PI and connected a TTL to RS232 to J12 (Rx-RX, Tx-TX, GND-GND and hoped not to be able to use ttyS3 instead of a so far used Serial to USB Adapter and ttyUSB0.

May be something Need to get configured, I have no clue, however I can not work on the new device ( ttyS3, can anyone help me? I tried already to Change the Connection to RX-TX, TX-RX and Gnd-GND but this has not helped either.
I Need to get the RS 232 work at 57600 Baud, and I Need to free up the USB for another device.

Any suggestion is more than welcome

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