Hyperion/Bolight Support for the BananaPi (ambilight)

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I am using a ambilight with my raspberry pi called Lightberry im running it on XBMC (raspbmc) with hyperion. Now i called out to the author, but he says to make sure to contact you guys here before making a move.

Is there any compatibility with the banana pi regarding this ambilight on XBMC?

Many thanks!
I try to build same project on rasbian for banana pi. the problem i face now is that hyperion can not find vchiq, which is the gpu for raspberry pi
I ll come back if I get any good news
  1. sudo /usr/bin/hyperiond /etc/hyperion.config.json
  2. Application build time: Sep 22 2014 20:48:42
  3. QCoreApplication initialised
  4. Selected configuration file: /etc/hyperion.config.json
  5. ColorTransform 'default' => [0; 49]
  6. Device configuration:
  7. {
  8.         "colorOrder" : "rgb",
  9.         "name" : "MyPi",
  10.         "output" : "/dev/spidev0.0",
  11.         "rate" : 250000,
  12.         "type" : "ws2801"
  13. }

  14. Black border threshold set to 0.01 (3)
  15. Not creating any smoothing
  16. Effect loaded: Knight rider
  17. Effect loaded: Blue mood blobs
  18. Effect loaded: Cold mood blobs
  19. Effect loaded: Full color mood blobs
  20. Effect loaded: Green mood blobs
  21. Effect loaded: Red mood blobs
  22. Effect loaded: Warm mood blobs
  23. Effect loaded: Rainbow mood
  24. Effect loaded: Rainbow swirl fast
  25. Effect loaded: Rainbow swirl
  26. Effect loaded: Snake
  27. Effect loaded: Strobe blue
  28. Effect loaded: Strobe Raspbmc
  29. Effect loaded: Strobe white
  30. Initializing Python interpreter
  31. Hyperion created and initialised
  32. run effect Rainbow swirl fast on channel 0
  33. Boot sequence(Rainbow swirl fast) created and started
  34. XBMC video checker created and started
  35. * failed to open vchiq instance
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there is a guy that he supposed build this setup
https://www.dirk-melchers.de/201 ... ne-ambilight-clone/

good news! the previous problem SOLVED!
I had to compile the hyperion with the following setup:
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you can read more on https://github.com/tvdzwan/hyperion/blob/master/CompileHowto.txt
I still not connected the led stripe but hyperiond did start
I used the LeMedia as it has xbmc installed out of the box

problems are coming again back!
I bought a stripe of ws2812b as they are too cheap and have more density leds/meter.
the issue is that the ws2812b is partial supported by hyperion. on Raspberry it uses PWM pin (GPIO18) which it is different located on the BPi.
I stuck on that part as I m not sure if PI3 (pin 7) is capable of PWM and what are the changes to be made on the software...
Still NO lights

Working well for me with 50 ws2801 LEDs. Demo effects are loading and executing well. But I still don't kow how to run it like i do with the Rasp, without a PVR...

BenZak replied at Wed Nov 26, 2014 02:01
Working well for me with 50 ws2801 LEDs. Demo effects are loading and executing well. But I still do ...

Did you use SPI interface of banana connected direct to led stripe?

I tried a lot to make SPI work, but with no result. Checking with an oscilloscope if something is going out from the SPI channel, with no success...

Hyperion is compatible with Adalight, so i've connected the Led stripe to an Arduino, sending datas through USB.

Works like a charm with demo effects. We need now to make it follow what is on screen, i still don't manage to do it.


I succeed to make ambilight working.  I will make an image of sdcard.

Milasoci replied at Wed Mar 11, 2015 14:02

I succeed to make ambilight working.  I will make an image of sdcard.

Could you post some instructions (hardware used, compiling hints)? I would like to give a try by myself.
I'll get the hardware in the next weeks, so, only to look forward how to deal with it



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