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docker, creating a base image - issue

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I am trying to setup a base image for Docker but I have been getting the following error:
  1. :: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
  2. (101/101) checking keys in keyring                     [############################] 100%
  3. downloading required keys...
  4. :: Import PGP key 4096R/2BDBE6A6, "Arch Linux ARM Build System <builder@archlinuxarm.org>", created: 2014-01-18? [Y/n] y#
  5. mount: proc is already mounted or /var/tmp/rootfs-archlinux-QWocoSge8E/proc busy
  6.        proc is already mounted on /proc
  7.        proc is already mounted on /var/tmp/rootfs-archlinux-QWocoSge8E/proc
  8.        proc is already mounted on /var/tmp/rootfs-archlinux-QWocoSge8E/proc
  9. ==> ERROR: failed to setup API filesystems in chroot /var/tmp/rootfs-archlinux-QWocoSge8E
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I have taken the Arch image (the latest from the site, which seems to be working) and have run the following:
  1. sudo pacman -Syu
  2. sudo pacman -S arch-install-scripts docker wget expect

  3. sudo pacman-key --init
  4. sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux
  5. sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys

  6. systemctl start docker
  7. systemctl enable docker

  8. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dbones/docker/master/arm7/mkimage-arch.sh
  9. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dbones/docker/master/arm7/mkimage-arch-pacman.conf

  10. sudo sh ./mkimage-arch.sh

  11. #also tried the following instead (same error)
  12. #sudo LC_ALL=C ./mkimage-arch.sh
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Does any one know what I am doing wrong, or what i am missing?

I've made a Banana Pi compatible base image here:
  1. docker run -i -t matthuisman/bananian:14.09 /bin/bash
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Also, a little "arch" how-to here:

http://forum.lemaker.org/forum.p ... 27&fromuid=2122


thanks for the response. It looks like you have bananian and ubuntu inside the container.

I was looking to run Arch Linux inside the container. Do you know how I can create the base image for Arch?

You may have to make your own:

Download Arch image for Banana Pi.
Extract just the system partion to a folder: eg. arch
  1. sudo debootstrap arch arch > /dev/null
  2. tar -C arch -c . | sudo docker import - arch
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Then you will be given the new container ID to run.

Let me know how you go, if you struggle, I can create a Arch base image for you

Got bored at work so made an Arch Base Image for Banana Pi on my Cloud Linux PC.
Can't test at moment, but give it a go
  1. docker run -i -t matthuisman/archlinux:2.0 /bin/bash
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