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Hi I would like to share with you with this great link if you don't know it yet


As you probably know not all apps from Google playstore are compatible with banana pi android system
So what you need to do is to download apk file and install it manually.
This is easiest way.

1. Copy google play link to app you want to download
2. Past it in link abow
3. Click generate link
4. Click Download apk
5. Install apk file from sdcard

What is quite odd It let me somehow download payed version of Ttorrent for free.
Nice one, usefull to simply get apks file ! Thanks for sharing

Giving access to pay-ware this way seems a bit fishy. Normally when you download an app from Google Play, you always download it for a specific Android device, and for a pay-ware app this causes a check to be made for whether or not the google account of that device has paid for the app. If not, or if you're accessing without a specified unit or google account, then access is denied.

Possibly the linked 'evozi' site generates download links identifying a device of their own, linked to an account with tons of paid apps. But for such a case sideloading the app may still cause additional license checks as the app is used and/or when updating other stuff from google play, and then the app may refuse to work anymore, unless you have paid for it using your own account.

On my main PC I use a program called "raccoon" which allows me to download all free apps or apps that I've paid for.
This program works by identifying itself as one of my own Android devices (I've configured it to use the ID code of my Nexus 7).

Best regards: dlanor

dlanor replied at Mon Nov 24, 2014 03:56
Giving access to pay-ware this way seems a bit fishy. Normally when you download an app from Google  ...

I've found that the downloader linked by the OP is pretty good, and I have only once ran into a license check problem. They list on their page that paid apps are not supported (unless you use their Chrome app I guess, using your credentials), also. I tried to download Dead Trigger 2, when it went to install extra data after installing the APK it said I didn't purchase it (even though it's a free app... whaaaaaat?) so it refused to download more. I thought about using Raccoon but I don't like having to give it my Google account details...

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As far as I know, Google Play don't allow PC users download from the store. These sites like http://choilieng.com can help download pure apk directly from Google Play Store (that's the reason why people can copy Play Store url an search their needed apps/ game. They're free of malware or ads

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I have tried many sites and in my experience Apkplaygame is the best, fast & simple website to download Android apk games

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I like this website to download apks as it's fast and has all information.

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