BPi Android 4.2 Build Guide

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You can download the text below as a ZIP-packed text file here: BPi Android 4.2 Build Guide.txt.zip (4.22 KB, Downloads: 236)
Great info! Thx!

Great works !

You could add that the build process is highly CPU and IO intensive, so having a SSD to store the VM or the native linux is a huge help. In addition, you should use make -jN to use the cores available during the build process. For example, on my VM with 4 vCPU, I use make -j4 to use the 4 cores available. These help to reduce the time needed to build the image.

I'm glad you like it, and thanks for the tips!

I was not aware of the -jN argument to use more cores, and it could really help for full rebuilds as my VM does have a 4-core CPU.
That's also one of the great advantages of VMware over VirtualBox, which doesn't have a proper multicore implementation.

For now I'll leave the guide as-is though. Those who read it will probably read the follow up posts too, so they are likely to pick up your tips anyway, and I feel like I've typed enough for one day already...

Best regards: dlanor

I think that VirtualBox have a pretty good multicore implementation, I can assure you that when building, 4 of my 8 total cores are fully busy !

I use virtualbox and -J4 and first build of kernel takes about 30mins. Then additional build in just a few minutes.

Absolutely use the multicore when compiling.

That way, each core compiles a different module.
4x times as fast.

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Using a SSD let the first kernel build go down to 6:30 (I just checked ^^)

Android build in one hour, will have to give more vCPU to my vm ...

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Has anyone put the entire contents of https://www.myairbridge.com/en/? ... 0B8QDAA1ZF0EGJG3LQI  into a GIT repo yet?

Really needs to be done, so everyone can easily update etc, without downloading entire new 3.5 GB files.

Also, a cleanup would be a good idea (removing all the other code for other boards)

Plus + with a big site like Github - download speeds are pretty constant among countries etc.

Edited by ChrisP at Mon Nov 24, 2014 23:47

I tried, as Zrox, but we both failed. For me, after a while (1 to 3 GB), the git push stalls and freeze. I've tried all the week-end without success.

So as a workaround, I manually add the folder I want to modify (git add <relative folder path> and put it in https://github.com/BananaPi-EndU ... ee-device-sugar-bpi

trying now via my cloud machine.
Downloaded it in 5 minutes   15MB/s.
I tried here in NZ, and got 250KB/s.

The machine is in San Fran so it uploads to GIT quickly as well.

Let's see how it goes

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