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Edited by mattrix at Tue Nov 25, 2014 21:15

Hi All,

I have managed to upload the source for the Android to GitHub

I have also added some custom scripts to make things a bit easier.
The end result, is the following few lines to build an Android image completely from source
  1. apt-get install git
  2. git clone ANDROID
  3. cd ANDROID/scripts
  4. ./
  5. ./
Copy the Code just installs all the Ubuntu 14.04 dependencies for building the image.

The idea is to have this source as a completely "vanilla" stable source code for Android images.

So, any major fixes / basic features etc, could be committed to this source.
Then people can fork it for own custom builds / new features or drivers.

If you have a Github account and can contribute, leave your username so I can add you.

Any suggestions / ideas?
I have compress my source code into a package that has removed all the git histories. But it is also very large, about 2.9G.
And the uncompress source code is about 9G. I will upload it into the cloud.

Hi Matrix and Tony,

Is it not better to check the difference between the sources from you tony or the sources which I uploaded
with the vanilla sources from google?
So that we share just the patches, kernel and the toolchain ?

zrox replied at Wed Nov 26, 2014 12:19
Hi Matrix and Tony,

Is it not better to check the difference between the sources from you tony or  ...

I think we should have a look at these file first to see if it can be mutualized or not.

Tony ? Any update ?

Ragarding suggestions, I have a pretty ambitious todo list )

0 - Build a specific tuned and optimized MediaPlayer android build, whatever android/kernel version, using Kodi only.
1 - Move to Lemaker 3.4.103 kernel
2 - Move to Mainline 3.18 kernel
3 - Build from scratch a kitkat image
4 - Let's be really crazy: Lollipop ?

Edited by ChrisP at Wed Nov 26, 2014 18:25

Regarding Objective 0, I have the sub-todolist:

  • Identify anything not usefull for this objective, and wipe it out of the build.
  • Implement any tweak that make the image optimal out of the box, just after first boot.
  • Improve Ethernet performance, which is in my opinion far sub-optimal on android for now.
  • Find a better way to automatically launch Kodi at power-on.
  • Add IR support to rulez Kodi.
  • Implement any tweak/tuning that can really be efficient, not just random settings because they are given as advice on some forum.

And general rules: Have fun, be proud to be a geek, and learn a lot of stuffs

I also currently have an ODROID-U3.
It runs Android 4.4.4.

But, they have a very cool "Odroid Utility" app.
It let's you change resolution and even switch to portrait mode.

See here: ... mp;tag=&bid=238

They also share their source.
It's a completely different CPU (Quad core Samsung) but maybe something to aim for?

My original plan for a media build was to write an app.

This app would let you
Enable / disable autoboot kodi.
Enable / disable using external player

This app itself could handle the autobooting of Kodi.

Hi All,
My source code is from Allwinner, and I patched the gmac, lcd, tp, etc. I just got the approve that I can release them.

About ChrisP suggestion :
1 I agree.
2 It is possible
3 Maybe not a good choice because the hdmi driver.
4 I will pack the kitkat source code, and get the approve.

Another ideas:
Write a sdk that can control the low level pins such as gpio, i2c, spi, etc...

Hi Tony,

If you get that archive up, I can try to get it into a GIT repo?

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