WiringPi and RPi.GPIO is avalible

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I will remove the 1ms delay in the code. We add it because some problem with pwm. Now we just add it in pwm code part.

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Where can i find the changed version???
Please don't forget to remove the delay from the Funktion pinMode() aswell. This Funktion also has a delay of 1ms.


This delay also make it impossible to use applications like rcswitch och power-pi ... please release an updated version

Thank you

Hi Tony,
please i need the new version of WiringPi without the delay. I'm in the middle of my Bachelor Practice and need to solve this problem fast. I dont't have to much time.
When will it be available??

I have the feeling that we will never see source code or anything similar. This is somehow the opposite of a community and will always be if this is not changing anytime soon. I allready regret trying to build a solution on the banana pi.

I would be willing to contribute but there seems to be no possibility nor interest.

Sorry. I am out these days. I will ask the guys who develope the wiringPi to push source code into github!

I have pushed it into LeMaker github.

Hi Tony,
thanks a lot!! I will try The new wiringPi tomorrow. I will report my results here later.
Again, thanks...

today i tested the WiringBPi library, everything works fine now.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Could you please kindly write a review about it?

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