Hardware Watchdog ?

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Hi All,

I have updated my BaPi to the newest Bananian with 3.4.104+ kernel and watchdog support. I have tried to get the watchdog timer up and running,
but so far no luck. But first things first ;-)

The kernel module for the watchdog is named 'sunxi_wdt' and has 2 parameters:

parm:           timeout:Watchdog timeout in seconds (default=23) (uint)
parm:           nowayout:Watchdog cannot be stopped once started (default=1) (bool)

Then there is a package with the name watchdog with a userspace daemon which communicates with the kernelmod over a char device named

crw------- 1 root root 10, 130 Nov 25 18:26 /dev/watchdog

The default timeout of the daemon of 1 minute is too long for the 23 sec of the char-device, so I got constant reboots. So I tried to increase
the timeout of the kernelmod (one of it's parameters) but was unable to find the correct syntax. I tried a bazillion of variations, but none
worked (you can see the actual settings after loading the kernelmod in /var/log/messages).

Either it is not possible to pass a parameter to the kernelmodule (bug), or I have not been able to find the correct syntax.

Has anybody had success ?
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