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At the moment i'am trying to set a custom hdmi resolution (1440x540p) on my BApi (Lubuntu).
At first it is possible to set a costum HDMI-resolution (Driver etc.)? If so, can anybody give me some informations how to do that?

Crazy thought.....look at the wiki??????


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I've taken a look at the FAQ, and it does not work as described there. When I
  1. cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes
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I only get one line of result (1280x720p-50), instead of the list described in the FAQ. The result is identical in all connection configurations described below.

I already tried three things:
- editing /boot/uEnv.txt
- converting /boot/script.bin to fex (using the sunxi-tools) and back (after editing).
- creating a /etc/X11/xorg.conf
but all without success.

What confuses me most is that the available resolutions according to the FAQ are different from the resolutions according to the Fex guide and that the Fex guide speaks about VGA and HDMI, but the Pi only has HDMI and composite.
I'm also unsure if the script.bin may conflict with the boot parameters in /boot/uEnv.txt.

What I'm trying to achieve is:
I have 3 Banana PI's. Video connection is always via HDMI -> DVI adapter cable or none at all.

Pi #1 and #2 are alternately connected to a TV with 1360x768 (the standard "small HDTV" resolution). The one that's connected correctly boots up in 1360x768, the other one in 1280x720. It is important to me that both of them boot up in always the same resolution, no matter if connected or not.
Which fex and uEnv.txt settings do I need to get 1360x768 independently of connection state ?

Pi #3 is connected to another TV with a native resolution of 1280x768. Yes, I know, it is a rather unusual resolution, but it exists. The Pi boots up in 1280x720 when not connected and to 1024x768 when connected.
Which fex and uEnv.txt settings do I need to get 1280x768 (if possible, also independently of connection) ?

I've started with the Arch Linux image downloaded from here and installed xorg and fbturbo. I'm an experienced Linux user (on the PC) and I'm using Arch Linux there, too.

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