Switch off the leds ?

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Hi,I'm using a Banani PI as a home media player, directly connected to my living room TV. To avoid regular lights flash, I would like to switch off the Banani PI leds (red and blue).

Is there a way to switch them off... without turning the Banana off ? Maybe using a /dev device ?

Many thanks in advance.

You can use the "bin2fex" tool to turn script.bin into script.fex file. And edit the [leds_para] to turn it off. The script.bin is located at bananapi directory at the first partition of the SD card.

The blue and red is not controlled by led_para, the green can be controlled by led_para

Thank you Tony. What about the blue and red leds ? Is there a way to switch them off ?

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This need to be modified in the driver. I don't suggest to do so.

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Is it possible to stop the green led "heartbeat" pulse and just have it come on at boot?

Edit: Worked out, just changed script.bin led setting from "heartbeat" to "default-on".

To turn off the User-Define LED (Green)
echo none > /sys/class/leds/green\:ph24\:led1/trigger

You can check the LED status options as
cat /sys/class/leds/green\:ph24\:led1/trigger

https://microdotup.wordpress.com ... i-user-defined-led/

For those of us with a transparent BPi case (or just a bare board) the real problem is the blindingly intense blue LED. Ideally there should be an option to turn that off. As I see it that LED is only useful when testing/monitoring network activity. Once the network is set up and working reliably it is just a source of irritation. So we need the ability to turn it off, preferably through software at runtime (reflashing images with changed script.bin is not a practical 'on-off switch').

And solutions for this need to be implemented for ALL the BPi OS image types.
It's just as irritating with an Android image as with Raspbian or Lubuntu etc.

Since I have my BPi in the same room where I sleep, I've had to power it off each night as the intense blue flashing makes it hard to go to sleep. (My own fault, for not getting a black case, instead of the transparent one.   )

Best regards: dlanor

I would have used Nail Polish

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   Indeed, my Bpi board works as a VPN/FTP server so I let my BPi upside down to reduce the blue LED shining all day...

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