Banana Pro 3.5mm TRRS Combined Audio and Video Jack

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The new Banana Pro has a 3.5mm TRRS jack with 4 pins combining both the Video and Audio.

These 4 pins are Ground, Video, Audio Right and Audio Left.

As there is no standard configuration for these pins can someone please help by providing the pin-outs on this jack as used on the Banana Pro?

Hello,as the follow picture:

the Pin 1 is Audio Left.
the pin 2 is Audio Right.
the Pin 3 is  Video.
the Pin 4 is  Ground.

So anyone using a traditional three-lead 3.5 mm jack, as commonly used to connect RPi or BPi to stereo amplifiers, will then be short-circuiting the video output signal from the BPro to ground.
Right ?

Hopefully that will be harmless, thanks to internal resistance in series with that output signal, but it's still a wasteful current to be avoided.

Best regards: dlanor

I used the traditional 3.5 mm earphone.

Traditional 3.5 mm earphone will bring in some pulse noise in audio jack. I don't think that would be the solution, also need to buy a combined jack and see if the pulse will gone

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Could you recomment one "3.5mm TRRS Combined Audio and Video Jack" cable suitable for the banana Pro ?

I saw many customers comments buying such a cable for their raspberry Pi (model B+ I think),
however I do not know if such a cable compatible with the raspberry Pi would also be good for the banana Pro.

EDIT1 : according to this page ... mm-audiovideo-jack/
             the TRRS definition is not the same as the one shown in this thread : video and groudn are inversed.

EDIT2 : there are two norms of TRRS, OMTP or CTIA which differs according to the ground and video order.
             bananaPro needs OMTP if I understood well.



I read this post :

which make things clear enough. I am so looking for to buy a "Banana Pro Video Plug cable 2 in 1"

Googling it leads mainly to :

Unfortunately, I have to buy at least 10 of them, I would prefer one from a vendor possibly located in Europe.

Do yo know one ?

Best regards

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