Beta Testing: LeMaker Guitar

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After taking some time to try out a lot of things using this board, getting some advice from friends and making the best video editing I could... I proudly present my new review video!

This video features:
- A quick review of the hardware specifications
- A test on the KODI media center
- Several benchmark tests, as well as their results

Hope you like it! This time, I did the voiceover in english... So, I hope that will help to reach a wider audience!



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brilliant job !

information with great details. wonderful

Thanks for sharing us the Great Reviews
I see running supper HD(Maybe 4K) video seems a little delay.
But everything is good.

Thank you everyone for your kind words! I'm glad that you liked my video.
Now, it's time for me to try to develop something cool using this board. A robot, maybe...  
Download the C GPIO library to control the GPIO.
The library function API is the same to the wiringPi for raspberry pi.

tony_zhang replied at Mon Sep 28, 2015 00:07  
Download the C GPIO library to control the GPIO.
The library f ...

Alright, thank you very much! I'll download the library and give it a try soon.

Nice vídeo,

I am will try to do a spanish version video of this for community

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