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hello, everytime i want to upgrade via bananian-update i get a key error message, what can i do to refresh the keys to solve this problem?

But why don't you launch simply:

apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade


apt-get update && apt-get -y dist-upgrade


It's a debian-based system and i find the bananian tools are a bad copy of script of other kind of distro...(imho...i like the "old school").

Well, that´s what i did before, but this one only upgrades the version of bananian, that is already installed yet.But i want to uppgrade to the new image with the new kernel in it. In the /etc/apt/sources.list i changed from wheezy to jessie, and did the dist-upgrade. But i still have the old 14.09 image version i guess... by the way, how can i show my installed image version ? kernel still is 3.4.104


Is there anybody who can help me to solve the problem?

The script that you launch sincronize the key with this command (simplified):

gpg --recv-keys 24BFF712
gpg --verify update.tar.gz.asc

Can you try to launch manually this command and write here the output?

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