having problems installing i2c support

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I am trying to install I2C support in Bananian 15.08 on BananaPi.
I installed the tools:

  1. apt-get install i2c-tools
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Then I added i2c-bcm2708 and i2c-dev in /etc/modules

I added


in /boot/config.txt

and then rebooted.
The modules seem not to be loaded.
lsmod does not show them as running and during boot I can see a Fatal Error: i2c-bcm2708 not found
Nevertheless a
  1. i2cdetect -y 2
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shows my 1-wire busmaster on default adress 18

I used a German guideline to install I2C on Raspberry.
I could not find information w.r. to Bananian if there might be a difference.

any help would be much appreciated

thanks ins Advance

bcm2708 is Raspberry Pi chip ... Banana uses A20 -> different hardware, different drivers, ...  

I2C kernel support is most likely already installed. Not 100% sure but on Armbian is tested that works out of the box on both kernels (3.4.x and 4.x).

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