NEED HELP: Start with LeMaker Guitar failed

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Dear Sirs,

I bought a Guitar with 2 GB (Rev 1.3) and a Base Board (Rev. B).
I've connected a display Monitor (1920x1080p 50/60 Hz) via HDMI an a keyboard with mouse via USB.
When I start the preinstalled Android, it displays in 720x480 only!
When I start a Linux from a uSD Card (downloaded images Archlinux and/or Ubuntu MATE), it displays a destroyed screen.
I use the DTB for Rev. B.
I made a small video of 7 MB, but can't attach it (too large).

Please help me !!!

Kind Regards
Hi Michael,

If you want to use ANDROID then I recommend you to update the eMMC on the Guitar to the lastest version.
There is a Wiki if you don't know how to do that, in here is also information about screen-resolution.


Yes, That Tido said is right.


I don't want to use Android! I only tried it..
I created new dtb's following user manual (p. 18ff), set "default_resolution" to "1080P60HZ" before compiling linux-actions-bsp, but I didn't improve anything! On the contrary I destroyed my Archlinux on the sd card writing new u-boot image!
I explored the original u-boot-dtb.img searching for video mods and found strings like "HDMI_1920x1080P_60_16VS9", "1920x1080p-60" but no "1080P60HZ"!
What can I do to get it running???

Kind Regards,

mickpf replied at Jul 23, 2016 13:15

I don't want to use Android! I only tried it..

I see, then I recommend you LeMuntu  andhere
Put this on your eMMC, login via SSH or Putty.
Default login: root
PW: lemaker

After running the updates:
apt-get update upgrade && reboot

Login again and run:  sys-config  (still on SSH or Putty)

I don't understand why, but this step helped.

Many Thanks.

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