L2 Linux bridge, getting max 300Mbps throughput with ksoftirqd high CPU use

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I've setup an L2 bridge on 2 ports from my BPI-R1, but I am only able to get 300Mbps throughput on the bridge and was hoping for close to 1Gpbs. During my test I am seeing high CPU use from ksoftirqd (90%+), could this be due to the way I've configured it?
I am using Bananian Linux, here is my configuration:


  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. ifconfig eth0 up

  3. # The swconfig port number are:
  4. # |2|1|0|4|  |3|
  5. # (looking at front of ports)

  6. swconfig dev eth0 set reset 1
  7. swconfig dev eth0 set enable_vlan 1
  8. swconfig dev eth0 vlan 101 set ports '3 8t'
  9. swconfig dev eth0 vlan 201 set ports '4 8t'
  10. swconfig dev eth0 vlan 202 set ports '0 8t'
  11. swconfig dev eth0 vlan 203 set ports '1 8t'
  12. swconfig dev eth0 vlan 204 set ports '2 8t'
  13. swconfig dev eth0 set apply 1
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  1. auto eth0.101
  2. iface eth0.101 inet dhcp

  3. auto eth0.201
  4. iface eth0.201 inet manual

  5. auto eth0.202
  6. iface eth0.202 inet manual
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  1. #!/bin/bash

  2. brctl addbr br0

  3. ifconfig eth0.201 down
  4. ifconfig eth0.202 down

  5. brctl addif br0 eth0.201
  6. brctl addif br0 eth0.202

  7. ifconfig eth0.201 up
  8. ifconfig eth0.202 up
  9. ifconfig br0 up
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Ah thank you, good to know

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