How do I find what caused BPi shutdown?

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Hi there,

this morning, I found my Banana Pi off, as many times before. It runs the 3.1 Raspbian version. I am pretty sure a CPU overload is not to blame since I left it mostly idling. It also happened in the past while the Banana Pi was used as a Bittorrent daemon, i.e. always active, but low-intensity.

I wanted to know what caused the shutdown, but it is more difficult to do than other Linux platforms since correct date and time are only set and written in the logs once the WLAN interface is up. This is really annoying to find the board off for no specific reason.
Hi Cubytus,
I used the banana pi with Mediatomb and the pi stopped working after several minutes of watching a film by dlna.
Then I found out that I had mixed up the USB power supply. I switched from 1A to 2A. Afterwards Mediatomb delivered a whole film. Maybe you should try another power supply.

Are you using the BPi headless or with X?

Does it happen with only lan/wlan connected or even without any network?

Could it be some suspend mode or sth?

I'm using it headless, and it has a wifi USB adapter plugged in. At times however, the network drops and the BPi doesn't reconnect automatically.

I have concerns about the power supply too, but since the CPU wasn't overloaded by any stretch of mind, I am not sure how it is to blame. Currently, I am using a universal 7~28V to 5V@3A adapter because it allows me to use regular laptop chargers, and the adapter wasn't even warm.

Since the post I restarted the BPi, installed a few software and it didn't stop. Admittedly since I'm not watching its output, I don't know if X output a warning before shutdown.

well you could try removing the wifi adapter and let it run overnight.

on another day you could connect the network but kill X-server if it's running and leave it overnight.

try a different OS/sdcard

check your adapter's voltage just in case....

all speculation but maybe you can narrow down the problem.

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At the moment, I haven't changed the hardware but added Motion and let it run to stream what it sees through my old webcam. Since I restarted it, it hasn't shut itself off, even though the CPU is obviously more solicited.

To add some salt to the mix, I had to change the router's OS once again, to Tomato since dd-wrt refused to behave, but I may change it soon if I can't get the router's SD card working again.

Changing OSes and SD cards is rather cumbersome, as it takes a very long time to write a card, and shutdown doesn't always happen in a foreseeable manner. And I don't have an endless supply of SD cards either way.

have you tried buying the £5 raspberry pi style charger. I am going to be using that to power my banana pi as i couldnt see any other way other than using the power over usb/charge socket approach. Is this the right charger for the banana pi? I am a bit of a noob myself and only assembled my stuff to get started from amazon shopping yesterday :*(. I havent bought the official raspberry pi charger either, i got my charger from ebay

Hi Cubitus,

"Currently, I am using a universal 7~28V to 5V@3A adapter" : are you sure it is correctly stabilized ?

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