Making a BananaPi case anyone?

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People with creative mind and some CAD skills can try their hand at


I was thinking the same thing.

I have some experience in 3d modelling. I will try to make a 3d printable case for Banana Pi as soon as I get it so that I can get all the measurements. Or is there a datasheet with all the measurement which I am not aware of?

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It is so appreciated that you can design a 3D printable case.

Is it possible to get a datasheet with dimensions?

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What data do you want ?   I can measure it and provide to you.

Tony, thank you for offer. I was sick last week, so I hadn't had will to do anything =)

Today I received my BananaPi, so I can measure things by myself. I hope I will finished my case in a few days.

Does anyone have a CAD model of a BananaPi perhaps?

nope, but maybe you can adjust one of the raspberry pi models on www.tinkercad.com

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