Banana Pro Released!

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Post Last Edited by tony_zhang at 2014-10-13 10:47

LeMaker Team has designed the new version single board computer, we call it Banana  Pro. More details please see HOMEPAGE.Video link:

Wow, that was a surprise!

Are the ports and connectors in exactly the same place as before, or will any modifications be required to cases etc. ?

Is it available now, or will we have to wait a bit longer yet?



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Reply 1# tony_zhang

   Do you dissolve burning D5 diode problem in new banana pi board?


Now we have Banana Pi, Banana Pro and Banana Pi Router

Nice new family

Reply 4# sylwek2k

The D5 problem is redesigned on Banana Pro.

Reply 2# Montala

Some difference. You csn see it is 40 pins

Reply 1# tony_zhang

Ok, board dimensions identical, AV out is gone and you try to be 'compatible' to the GPIO pins of RasPi B+

Has anything changed regarding GMAC+RTL8211 PHY?

It is a smart move from lemaker to follow the trend!


Looks great!

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