SATA trouble

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I had the same issues when I hooked up a 1TB HGST drive. Replacing the power supply that came with the BPi with one from AdaFruit with 5.1V nominally did the trick. No more resets.

I have the same issues, just cant seem to get a SATA disk to be stable on it.
I have tested 2 x OCZ SSD's now as well as a 500g 7200rpm Seagate SATA.
No Luck. Running on a 5v2a power that runs the same drives on a cubietruck okay.


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thehoff replied at Thu Apr 2, 2015 18:43

SinoVoip's "router board" has SATA power troubles. You should read the (otherwise totally useless) forum at for solutions/workarounds.

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