LeMedia (XBMC) v1.1 Realeased

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At the first ,thanks for all advises on LeMedia v1.0 . This new version focus on some major issuses reported about the previous version.
Now, We will give a detailed description of these changes.

1. Based on minimal Debian wheezy.
2. XBMC build from xbmc_Gotham_A10: https://github.com/warped-rudi/xbmc.git .
3. Enable sunxi_cedar_mod, mali_drm, drm, mali, ump driver module;
4. Pre-install UMP library;
5. Pre-install xorg and fbturbo_driver driver;
6. Pre-install libvdpau;
7. Pre-install libhybris wrapped Android libraries;
8. Pre-install LIRC, you can configure your own IR sender;
9. Auto mount usb storage;
10. Auto start XBMC when system boot;
11. Auto log in using root user;
12. Password is root/bananapi ;
13. Kernel version is 3.4.103;
14. Default display  resolution is 1080p ;
15. Audio ouput from audio HDMI by default.
16. Solved other bugs.

Download Link: http://www.lemaker.org/resources/9-191/lemedia.html


1. About Hardware Acceleration.
As described in v1.0 ,LeMedia is not perfect with HW-ACC, but it can surely support 1080P and 720P videos whose format are like these:
http://linux-sunxi.org/CedarX/VideoRenderingChart . I'm sorry you have to convert your videos to these formats. in this version, we save a 1080P AVC1 codec test video which is 428M at /root/TEST-VIDEO/ ,please test it.
By the way, welcome any master to give a advise for FULL HW-ACC.

2. About Audio Device.
We have not found a good solution to set audio device in the menu of XBMC, but great thanks to "tocpcs",he advises us a workaround way. Now in v1.1 , we set the default audio device to HDMI ,and you can type the command "xbmc-audio-jack" (without quotes) to set audio device to jack,and similarly, "xbmc-audio-hdmi" to set audio device to HDMI.

But, the MOST MOST IMPORTANT reminder is "DO NOT go to the page of audio device setting in XBMC", otherwise, the audio device will automatically set back to JACK. it's not desirable, but it works.

3. About Wirless Network.
Now, LeMedia v1.1 supports USB-WIFI or internal WIFI (Banana Pro embedded with a WIFI module),and it's convenient to configure it. Firstly, insert your wifi module, and type "iwconfig" to make sure your wireless device is named "wlan0",if the name is others, type "rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistant-net.rules" and reboot. Then,if "wlan0" appears, the only step you need to do is to enter ssid and psk of your wireless network in "/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf",of course, you can also use some tools like wpa_cli to configure your wifi-name and password. OK, reboot or type "/etc/init.d/networking restart", wlan0 comes to work.

If you don't need to use one of eth0 or wlan0 ,you can comment the part of eth0 or wlan0 in "/etc/network/interfaces", it will save your time when boot.

4. About Remote control.
LeMedia supports remote control with LIRC,in fact, if you are lucky that you use the same kind of remote with our test remote, you can control LeMedia with
remote aready, it's all configured. Otherwise, please use "irrecord" to save the codec of your remote, only need to modify /etc/lirc/lircd.conf (the codec of your remote)
and ~/.xbmc/userdata/Lircmap.xml (fit the key name in XBMC and lircd.conf).

There is a refence about how to save your codec: https://github.com/cubieplayer/Cubian/issues/75 ,please refer to what "ambrosa" said, and skip some steps go to step 3 (not all) and begin with "irrecord -H devinput -d /dev/input/event0 NEC.conf" ,be careful that it's event0.

Then,using the key name you enter in lircd.conf to motivate the functions of XBMC by entering the corresponding key name in Lircmap.xml. OK,all done, try it.

By the way, it's better that "DO NOT run xbmc in /etc/rc.local" , according to our test, this way will run xbmc well ,but remote will NOT work for XBMC!!!
We modified ~/.profile to run xbmc after auto login root, and will not run xbmc when login from ttyS0 ,this way will ensure that remote works well for XBMC.

5. About Display.
The problem that LeMedia can't wake up in 5 minutes is solved.

To remind that if you clicked "exit from XBMC",but you can't come back to console (it means you can't see any words at screen), it is pity that you have to unplug your HDMI cable from Banana Pi board and plug it into the board again, you will see the console eventually.


LeMedia is not the best, your criticism and advises will make it better.

Welcome to test it.

Thanks sincerely.


Now, if you are still a user of LeMedia v1.0 , there is no need to download the image of LeMedia v1.1 ,and we release a update script called "lemedia-update" in our github , run lemedia-update then it will update your LeMedia v1.0 to v1.1 without changing your some important configurations. More information please refer to https://github.com/LeMaker/scripts . Any bugs or advise can be reported here,thank you.

Using method as below,
  1. cd /usr/local/bin  && wget --no-check-certificate -c https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LeMaker/scripts/master/lemedia-update
Copy the Code
  1. chmod +x lemedia-update
Copy the Code
It's necessary to link your Banana Pi/Pro to the network,then run:
  1. lemedia-update
Copy the Code
Great job! Thanks!

V 1.0 can play mkv files normal but V1.1 just have voice no image.  

are the pvr addons included?
maybe projectm visualizer?

JackBauer replied at Tue Nov 18, 2014 07:46
V 1.0 can play mkv files normal but V1.1 just have voice no image.

The decoding should be the same between v1.0 and v1.1

Is full hardware acceleration part of the long term plan? If the Banana Pi gets full hardware acceleration for XBMC it will be unstoppable ;)

"How do users upgrade?"

What about LIRC settings, and media libraries that are built, etc?
Why not instead of copying the workarounds from the other thread and calling it a release, develop an upgrade script for users to execute so they don't lose libraries and settings?
Further, it's 1.3GB to download again and if all you've done is a quick edit of a file, or two, it's a massive wait and waste of resources.

modprobe sunxi_cedar_mod causes mkvs and some mp4s not to play video. XBMC stays visible, audio can be heard, but no video.
rmmod sunxi_cedar_mod gets it working again.

Any thoughts? I do note that cedar_mod makes the HD Mkvs play sound better if that's anything to go by.

sunxi_cedar_mod is necessary for HW acceleration.

OK, that explains why audio works so well, but there's no image out on HDMI with some MKV files (that do work without the sunxi_cedar_mod) - so how do we go about debugging??

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